What is the standard of paper bags packaging

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What is the standard of paper portable paper bag packaging produced by paper bag making machine

What is the standard of paper bags packaging?

Why is handbag paper bag packaging popular ,As people pay more and more attention to the earth's environment, their awareness of environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger. Many things in life advocate green environmental protection.

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For example, shopping in supermarkets or shopping for clothes will use Paper bags. Now many people will bring their own bags in supermarkets to reduce the use of plastic bags, and some clothing stores will also use paper handbags for packaging, which is beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly.

Do you know the manufacturing standard of these exquisite and beautiful paper bags handbags? Changyin Machinery will explain to you the manufacturing standard and process of paper bags handbags produced by shopping paper bag machine

Production process of paper handbag produced by shopping paper bag making machinery

The production technology of paper handbags is also improving. Some paper handbags use vertical cotton rope instead of perforated knot, and two pieces of heavy kraft paper are fixed on the cotton rope through hot-melt glue,Then fix the kraft paper on the handbag, so it is a vertical handbag. There is no need to punch holes in the bag, and there is no need to punch holes in the traditional handbag,If the load-bearing object is too heavy, it is easy to loosen the knot or damage the rope hole.

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Standard for paper handbags produced by shopping paper bag machine

The reformed paper handbag not only strengthens the overall structure, but also greatly improves the load-bearing capacity of the handbag. Generally speaking, the paper bag produced by the paper bag machine can bear a weight of more than 5kg The items on the are qualified.