How are paper bag making machine classified

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The paper bag making machine is classified according to the specification, size and thickness of the paper bag

The paper bag machine is an industrial mechanical equipment invented to solve the environmental pollution caused by plastic bags.It can mass produce environmental protection paper bags. It meets the requirements of green environmental protection and can design and produce paper packaging bags with different uses and different bag types.

What is the purpose of the paper bag machine?

Generally, the paper bag machinery takes white cardboard, white paperboard, copper paperboard and kraft paper as raw materials, and can produce a variety of paper bags, including handbags, cement bags, coated paper bags, four layer paper bags, clothing bags, food bags, shopping bags, gift bags, etc.

paper bags machine

There are many kinds of paper bag making machinery. Generally, the appropriate type of paper bag machine will be selected according to the specification and size of the designed paper bag and the thickness requirements of the paper. The commonly used paper bag machines include: 
Automatic production of portable paper bags with printed 70-20qg / M sheet fed paper, duplicate paper film or web paper as raw materials.

Portable paper bag forming machine with 128-300g / MI hard paper as raw materials, and reel type square bottom paper bag machine with 70-170g / MF roll paper as raw materials.

paper bag making machinery

The paper bag machine is mainly used to produce food bags, handbags, small grain packaging bags and vacuum bags.