How food paper bags are produced by paper bag machine

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How the automatic square bottom paper bag machine makes food paper bags

Many people want to know about the production process of paper bags. Let's explain to you:

Generally speaking, the paper bags for food packaging are produced by food paper bag making machines, such as Hongying machinery automatic square bottom paper bag machine is a very convenient and reliable paper bag making machinery for producing paper bags.

It is an ideal equipment for producing food paper bags, cosmetic handbags and various non-staple food paper bags.

How food paper bags are produced by paper bag machine ?

The paper bag production process of this paper bag machine is also very simple and fully automatic. The whole production process can be said to be a one-time forming paper bag. The whole process flow of the paper bag is completed by the human-computer interface PLC, fully automatic feeding, photoelectric correction and tension control. High quality food packaging paper bag products can be produced at one time.

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Such a fully automatic square bottom paper bag machine has the advantages of high speed, high production efficiency and large range of paper bags can be adjusted in real time.

For example, this professional paper bag machinery manufacturer in China has a set of relatively mature technical indicators for the production of paper bags.

1. Servo motor and color code tracker are used to accurately track printing materials

2. Motion controller, through integration with optical fiber, realizes high-speed and high-precision motion control and process detection

3. With touch screen display, the operation function is clear at a glance and has a good man-machine interface

4. The cold glue spraying system is adopted, and the glue amount is automatically adjusted with the running speed of the machine

5. This paper bag making machine is equipped with a paper blockage detector, which will automatically alarm if it is blocked, so as to avoid damaging the machine due to paper blockage

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Paper bag features
1. Biodegradable, not plastic bags;
2. The commonly used plastic bags are made of polyethylene, and the raw material used is petroleum, which is already our scarce energy. In contrast, the raw material for the production of paper bags is trees, which is a renewable resource.
3. The process of producing paper bags will bring more serious water and air pollution problems;
4. Recycling paper bags also requires more energy;
5. If the waste paper bag is disposed by landfill, it is also difficult to degrade.


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