What are the advantages of kraft paper bags

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What are the advantages of kraft paper bags produced by paper bag machine

There are many source materials for the paper bag machine, and the most cost-effective one is the portable paper bag produced from kraft paper. This paper bag has many advantages.

Kraft paper handbag is also called natural kraft paper. The paper bags produced by this kraft paper raw material paper bag machine have high tensile force, high toughness, usually brownish yellow, high tear strength, rupture and dynamic strength, and are widely used in shopping paper bags and envelope paper bags.

paper bag machinery

The raw material of this paper bag making machinery can be used to produce paper bags in a wider range

Suitable for kraft paper produced by paper bag machine, the commonly used thickness is 120g-300g natural color kraft paper. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing manuscripts with single or double colors and uncomplicated colors.

Compared with white cardboard and white kraft carton coated paper, the paper bags produced by the paper bag machine made of kraft paper have the lowest ex factory price.

If you think there are better raw materials for the paper bag machine, please tell us