Price of square bottom paper bag machine with double layer paper tape printing

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Price of square bottom paper bag machine with double layer paper tape printing

The paper bag making machine is a kind of equipment to produce all kinds of paper bag packaging. The market demand is very big. Due to the different functions and brands, the price of paper bag machine is quite different.
paper bag making machine
First, let's give a detailed description of the parameters of the paper bag machinery

Brand: Hongying
Product: paper bag machine
Paper weight: 45-120g / m2
Length of paper bag: 190-370mm
Width of paper bag: 80-180mm
Bag bottom width: 50-100
Unwinding diameter: 1400
Web discharge width: 600mm
Inner diameter of paper core: 76mm
Machine speed: 200pcs / min
Machine power: 10kw
For example, the price of this paper bag machine is about 220000 RMB.
What are the features of our sbr-180d double-layer paper tape printing square bottom paper bag machine

Paper bag making machinery: it has the advantages of high speed, high production efficiency and wide range of adjustment. It is a new type of paper bag packaging equipment improved by integrating the shortcomings of domestic similar products.

This paper bag making machine is used to glue the primary color or printed web at one time, fold it into micro paper, cut off the paper tube, apply glue at the bottom, shape the bottom of the bag and take out the bag. The whole paper bag machine is controlled by the computer central control system, touch screen display and servo motor to control the length of the paper bag.

The printing bag machine can produce a variety of specifications of paper bags, up to 200 paper bags per minute, greatly reducing the labor cost of paper bag production, is the paper bag production and processing equipment.

If you want to buy this printing square bottom bag machine, we will provide the factory price of the bag machine