A paper bag machine that can produce long paper bags

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A paper bag machine that can produce long paper bags

Now the new length paper bag machine breaks through the limitation of technology and makes the weight range of paper reach 70-350g / m2. 

It basically adapts to the range of all kinds of paper bags in the current market. Only when it can meet the needs of more people, can the paper bag really replace the plastic bag products with serious pollution.

paper bag machine

Paper bag machinery bag is faster. Due to the limitation of production technology, the speed of traditional bag making machine is 40-60 bags per minute. 

Although it is not slow, if it is produced in large quantities, its disadvantages will be shown.

Now the production speed of the new long paper bag making machine can reach 80-120 pieces per minute, which is twice as fast. 

It can save a lot of time for the production of large quantities of orders and reduce the cost of enterprise operation.

Paper bags can be divided into a variety of types, including ordinary and industry-specific paper bags. 

All kinds of paper bags have different properties, which requires our paper bag machine products to be more abundant.

Thanks to the perfect technology and fast bag making speed, the paper bag machinery is controlled by PC servo control system and displayed by touch screen human-machine interface in real time. It can produce various specifications of paper bags.
paper bag

It has the advantages of fast speed, fast replacement of paper bags and wide range of adjustment. It is an ideal choice for the production of food bags and portable shopping bags.

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